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Melissa's Keynotes

Melissa Joy is not just a coach but a dynamic speaker who has the power to captivate and inspire audiences with her thought-provoking keynotes. With a wealth of experience in empowering women in business and leadership, Melissa brings a unique perspective and an unwavering passion for diversity and inclusion to her keynotes.

Female Presenter

Polish Your Pitch

Crafting an Irresistible Elevator Speech

In this dynamic session, we dive deep into the art of refining your pitch to perfection. Melissa Joy, a seasoned expert in coaching and leadership, shares invaluable insights and actionable strategies to help you not only stand out but leave a lasting impression. 

Communicate Your Unique Value

This transformative session guides audiences through the art of refining their pitch to make it not just memorable but utterly irresistible.


Drawing from my extensive experience in coaching and leadership, in this keynote, I delve into the psychology of influence, offering practical insights and proven strategies to enhance communication skills.


Whether your audience consists of Entrepreneurs seeking to captivate clients,  or Executive Leaders aiming to be heard in a competitive landscape, this keynote equips them with the tools to articulate their value proposition with confidence and charm.


Uncover the secrets to crafting a pitch that leaves a lasting impression, resonates with your listeners, and propels your audience towards unparalleled success. Join me on a journey to polish your pitch and elevate your ability to make an impact that lasts!

What Melissa's Clients Say

Melissa has a unique ability to coach in bite sizes as she simplifies the information to make it easier to digest.  She creates a comfortable space for you to learn, grow and be successful. Melissa is tenacious and she takes quick action.  She is very respectful of your time and shows her gratitude for the opportunity to work with others.  

Carole B.

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