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You Deserve to Rise as a Leader

Even in a Male-Dominated World

Vision Quest Workshop

Discover your true leadership potential by crafting a powerful vision...


Become a Value-Based Voice of Truth

As a female leader, you may find yourself navigating a path that's uniquely shaped by a blend of challenges and opportunities.

One of the challenges you may be facing is the quest to be truly seen and heard in a world where recognition can sometimes be elusive.


Your voice, insights, and contributions are invaluable, but are they receiving the attention they deserve? 

As you strive to ascend to the highest levels of leadership, you may have encountered the “glass ceiling.” To unleash your career, you must find the strength to persist, to redefine leadership, and to demonstrate that your potential knows no bounds. 

This is where a skilled Executive Leadership Coach can play a transformative role in your life. I can provide you with the strategies and tools to amplify your presence, helping you navigate complex dynamics with confidence and assertiveness.


With guidance, you’ll learn to assert your worth, communicate effectively, and garner the acknowledgment you rightfully deserve!

Meet Melissa Joy

Certified Business Coach & Entrepreneur

Melissa Joy Dalton is an accomplished talent coach and consultant with over 20 years of experience in talent management. Her expertise lies in various areas including succession planning, organizational design, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, organizational effectiveness, and talent acquisition. Throughout her career, Melissa (Mel) has been instrumental in helping organizations unleash the full potential of their human capital, driving growth, and fostering a culture of excellence.


Unleash Your Career or Business by Scheduling Your Free Clarity Call with Melissa Joy!

“The thing I like most about consulting with Coach Mell is that in the frustration of focus, she breaks down easy to understand and implement action items... I think she's amazing!" 

- Elizabeth G.

“Mel's gift for coaching is unparalleled. For many years she has been my life and career coach, seeing me through challenges, life changes and BIG decisions. The thing that kept me with her all these years is trust.”

- Sharon D.

“Melissa has a unique ability to coach in bite sizes as she simplifies the information to make it easier to digest.  She creates a comfortable space for you to learn, grow and be successful.”

- Carole B.

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