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Melissa Joy

Serving Leaders with Heart

Discover the transformative journeys of remarkable women who have unlocked their potential and shattered barriers with the guidance of Coach Melissa Joy. 

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Dive into a collection of powerful testimonials that showcase the real-world impact coaching with Melissa Joy. These stories are a testament to the possibilities that await when you embark on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. 

Mel's gift for coaching is unparalleled. For many years she has been my life and career coach, seeing me through challenges, life changes and BIG decisions. The thing that kept me with her all these years is trust. You can not only trust her with your information, you can trust her with your feelings. She will be honest, strong, and insightful, not telling you what to do, but infusing you with the energy and power to make the best choice yourself.

Sharon D., Artist & Writer

Finding a great coach is not an easy task.  I was looking for a coach to guide me to my next phase in life.  I know where I am going but just needed the right guide to coach me through my journey.  

When I met Melissa, I knew that I had made the right selection. She was very energetic, confident and extremally knowledgeable about her craft and very pleasant to work with.  After our discovery call, I signed up right away.  Every session is different. She is a great listener with the willingness to help others. You receive value for your money, and she has a keen interest in ensuring that you are successful at whatever you are seeking to accomplish.  

Melissa has a unique ability to coach in bite sizes as she simplifies the information to make it easier to digest.  She creates a comfortable space for you to learn, grow and be successful. Melissa is tenacious and she takes quick action.  She is very respectful of your time and shows her gratitude for the opportunity to work with others.  

If you are looking for an experienced coach to help you navigate through your career or life itself, Melissa Joy is the person for you. She will guide you through your challenges and help you turn them into success with her energetic charm.  

As a result of our experience, she was offered an opportunity to speak to a Small Business Master Class in The Bahamas.  She was well received and  provided small business owners with business insights required to be successful. 

Carole B., General Manger

I am writing to express my deep appreciation and admiration for the incredible guidance and support I have received from Coach Mel. As someone who wears multiple hats in life, juggling the roles of a singer, artist, and real estate agent, I was in need of clarity, confidence, and life balance. Coach Mel has been instrumental in helping me navigate this complex journey.

What sets Coach Mel apart is her unique ability to understand and appreciate the complexities of life, especially for someone like me who is over 60 and has diverse professional roles. She took the time to listen, to truly understand my aspirations, and helped me set a clear vision for each of the roles I play in life. It's one thing to be a singer, an artist, and a real estate agent, but it's another to do so with purpose and direction.

Mel's guidance was like a breath of fresh air. Her wisdom and experience became a guiding light in my life. She helped me break down my aspirations into manageable steps, providing me with the tools and strategies to achieve my goals. With her support, I gained a newfound sense of confidence in my abilities.

Perhaps the most invaluable gift Mel gave me was the ability to find balance in my life. It's not easy to manage a career in real estate while pursuing a passion for music and art, especially at
my age. But Mel's coaching allowed me to create a harmonious balance, where I could excel in each of these domains without feeling overwhelmed.

What stands out most about Coach Mel is her sincere dedication to her clients. She is not just a coach; she is a friend and a mentor. Her guidance extended beyond our coaching sessions, as she genuinely cared about my well-being and progress. This personal touch is something that's rare to find and greatly appreciated, especially for someone of my age.

Thanks to Coach Mel, I'm living a life that's not only purposeful but also fulfilling. I now have a clear vision for each role I play, the confidence to pursue my dreams, and the balance to enjoy life to the fullest. Mel has shown me that age is no barrier to achieving one's goals and dreams.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Mel to anyone seeking guidance in life, career or business. Mel's coaching is a transformative experience that brings clarity, confidence, and balance to one's life. She has had a profound impact on my journey, and I'm truly grateful for her presence in my life.

Elizabeth G.

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