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Her Career Unleashed

A comprehensive, one-to-one personalized coaching program that includes team trainings for women who are Executive Leaders. 


Breaking Glass Ceilings

Despite your qualifications and capabilities, your potential may be going unnoticed, hindering your professional advancement and your ability to lead effectively. You deserve to be seen, heard, and to shine!


Lead High Performing Teams

Though you want to build a high-performing, harmonious team, you may be confronted with team members who fall short of expectations. This can be especially challenging when inheriting teams.


Unshakable Confidence

The lack of inclusivity and understanding in your environment may cause self-doubt. Ultimately, this can prevent you from realizing your full potential and stop you from providing the value you know you can offer.

It's Time to Rise

Being a woman and an Executive Leader (or one in the becoming), in the world of technology, construction, manufacturing or another male-dominated industry ...

"Her Career Unleashed" is a 3-Month Coaching Program is your passport to unlock your full potential and pave the way towards becoming the confident, innovative, and impactful Executive Leader you aspire to be.


My approach is deeply personalized, addressing the challenges you face head-on. Whether it's managing your time, mastering the art of effective communication, or practicing self-compassion, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


You'll benefit from an initial assessment to pinpoint your unique needs and goals. I'll provide you with two LIVE customized training sessions for your team, tailored to the results of your assessment.


This program isn't just about personal growth; it's about igniting change within your team and setting the stage for a more inclusive and diverse work environment.


My goal is clear: to help you evolve from feeling unseen, unheard, and under-valued in your current reality, to becoming the admired and influential Executive Leader you envision in your desired outcome.

Modern Office
Working with Mel as my coach was like finding a guiding star in the vast expanse of the business world. Her knowledge, dedication, and unwavering support were nothing short of extraordinary.

JaNet R.

The Details

3 Months of Weekly, 1:1 Executive Coaching with Melissa Joy

Payment in Full: $3,000 | 3 Month Payment Plan: $1,000/mo.

Initial Assessment

2 Live Team Trainings

Supporting Materials

Online Client Portal

Between Session Support

Milestone Assessments

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