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Meet Melissa Joy

Executive Leadership & Business Coach

Melissa Joy Dalton is an accomplished talent coach and consultant with over 20 years of experience in talent management. Her expertise lies in various areas including succession planning, organizational design, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, organizational effectiveness, and talent acquisition. Throughout her career, Melissa (Mel) has been instrumental in helping organizations unleash the full potential of their human capital, driving growth, and fostering a culture of excellence.

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Serving with Experience & Value

With a deep understanding of the complexities of talent management, Mel has partnered with numerous companies across diverse industries to design and implement comprehensive talent strategies. She possesses a keen ability to identify and develop high-potential individuals, ensuring a strong pipeline for future leadership roles through succession planning initiatives. Mel has facilitated seamless transitions during leadership changes, leveraging her extensive knowledge of best practices and industry benchmarks.


Organizational design is another area where Mel excels. She has a proven track record of optimizing organizational structures, streamlining processes, and enhancing communication channels to maximize efficiency and productivity. By aligning talent with strategic goals, Mel helps businesses achieve sustainable success in today's dynamic marketplace.

Recognizing the critical role of learning and development in talent optimization, Mel has implemented innovative programs to nurture employee growth and upskill teams. By tailoring training and coaching initiatives to individual needs and organizational objectives, she has fostered a continuous learning culture that drives performance and cultivates a motivated workforce.

Furthermore, Mel’s expertise in organizational effectiveness ensures that her clients operate at their highest potential. She conducts comprehensive assessments to identify areas for improvement, develops and implements strategies to optimize workflows, and enhances team collaboration and communication. Her practical insights and data-driven solutions have consistently yielded measurable results and enhanced organizational performance.

In the realm of talent acquisition, Mel has a proven ability to aid in the attraction and retention of high performing talent. She leverages her extensive recruiting expertise, combined with innovative sourcing and selection methodologies, to aid client’s in identifying the best-fit candidates for their business needs. Her rigorous screening processes and tailored interview techniques enable her clients to build high-performing teams that drive business growth.

Mel holds an MBA, Human Resources, is a certified master coach and has earned numerous certifications in talent management and coaching methodologies. 

Passionate about unleashing the potential of individuals and organizations, Mel is dedicated to partnering with businesses to create thriving talent ecosystems that drive sustainable success. With her wealth of experience and expertise, she brings a holistic and strategic approach to talent management, ensuring her clients have a competitive edge in today's ever-evolving business landscape.


Transformation Academy

Certified Master Life Coach I December 5, 2022

Transformation Academy

Transformation Academy

Professional Life Coach I October 16, 2022

Transformation Academy

"If you are looking for an experienced coach to help you navigate through your career or life itself, Melissa Joy is the person for you. She will guide you through your challenges and help you turn them into success with her energetic charm." 

Carole B.

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